Step by Step 

Step 1: We will meet with you to conduct a gait assessment and bio-mechanical evaluation where we will determine whether you are a candidate for DanceFeet Custom Orthotics

Step 2: Once we conduct your assessment, your order is placed, manufacturing and shipping usually takes 3-4 weeks

Step 3: Once we receive your orthotics, we will meet with you to do a custom fitting

Step 4: Approximately one month after you receive your DanceFeet orthotics, we will follow up with you by phone or e-mail to see how your orthotics are working out for you

Step 5: If any modifications are needed during the first 3 months, we will provide this service free of charge

Insurance Coverage

Custom orthotics are not covered by OHIP, but are often covered under your work health insurance or extended health plan. 

When speaking to your benefits provider, please ask the following questions: 

1. How much coverage ($) is provided for custom made orthotics? 

2. Does this coverage renew every year? 

3. Can a chiropractor dispense my orthotics? 

4. Do I need a prescription from my medical doctor to get reimbursed?


Orthotic Care 

DanceFeet orthotics should be removed from your shoes after each use and left to air-dry if damp. 

Wash them gently with luke warm water and mild soap as often as needed and leave to dry. 

Depending on your activity level, DanceFeet custom orthotics can last 1-2 years.



When you receive your DanceFeet orthotics, you will also receive an official receipt and a copy of the manufacturing process for the orthotics. 

You can submit this paperwork with your doctor's prescription (if required) to your benefits provider to be reimbursed.