Co-founders Susan and Glenn are former athletes who met when they started dancing salsa in 2005. As a chiropractor and faithful orthotic wearer (with bad knees), Glenn quickly realized that there was no orthotic device that could provide comfort and support for dancers and athletes that would fit into their specific shoes. Susan suffered from tired and painful feet from dancing in heels almost every night and after playing soccer. 

Based on these personal experiences, Susan and Glenn designed a line of custom made orthotics that fit into any shoe. In October 2010, DanceFeet launched it's first line of custom made orthotics for dancers and athletes. 

If you are a dancer, athlete, casual runner, or just need support for your daily work activities, DanceFeet can make an orthotic that is customized to your foot and can be transferred into other shoes.

DanceFeet orthotics provide increased support, alignment, balance, and comfort while dancing, playing sports, or just going about your daily activities. 


Dr. Glenn Paul Uy II

Dr. Glenn graduated with his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Toronto. In 2005, he completed his post-graduate studies in Chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Dr.Glenn's focus lies in the treatment and prevention of physical injuries, integrating techniques such as ART®, acupuncture, spinal manipulation and exercise rehabilitation.

He started dancing salsa seriously in 2005 and began to notice common injuries among the dancers in this community. After successful treatment of his peers, he identified a common or "root" cause for many of the dancer's injuries. Using his educational background and experience in the field of chiropractic and athletics, Dr. Glenn developed a special interest in creating, custom made orthotic, that fit the needs of most dancers and athletes



Susan Leung

Susan was born and raised in the tiny town of Grand Pre, Nova Scotia. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition while playing on the woman's varsity soccer team at Acadia University and then went on to become a registered dietitian in 2000. She graduated with her Bachelor of Education in 2002 and worked as a teacher until 2010. She is now the Director and co-owner of Ossington Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. Susan began dancing salsa with iFreestyle Dance Company as a student performer in 2006 and has been performing, competing and traveling with the dance team since 2008. Susan's passion for dance and health inspired her to become a co-founder of DanceFeet.