Susan and Glenn Co-owners of DanceFeet, with Dance Company. Winning 1st place finish in the Stargate Competition, SalsaFestival Zurich, Switzerland - 2014

“DanceFeet Orthotics have worked miracles on my sore, achy dance feet. Thank you Dr. Glenn and Susan for your endless patience and expertise in making sure that my orthotics fit so perfectly into my dance shoes.

I am really happy  that I also had my regular shoes custom fitted with DanceFeet Orthotics. They make my shoes so much more comfortable. You guys, and your product are awesome! Thank you!"

- S.S. - December 2014 

"For over two years, I have been wearing

DanceFeet custom orthotics for salsa dancing and I am thrilled with them. They have improved my balance, eliminated painful calluses on the soles of my feet, and reduced pain in my feet and lower back even after hours of dancing. I never dance without them!  Because our family insurance plan covered orthotics, my out-of-pocket cost was minimal... definitely a worthwhile investment! " - P.W

"I am flat footed and suffer from chronic back pain, and my job involves standing on my feet for long periods of time. Recently I attended the DanceFeet information session on orthotics and am very happy to say that I am a very happy and satisfied customer - not just with the product, but with professional care and understanding shown by the DanceFeet team of Dr. Glenn and Susan. Thank you DanceFeet! Thanks to your product, I feel so much better, now my back pain has subsided, my feet don’t hurt, and am able to stand and walk for longer hours with no pain. Your customer service has been excellent and I really appreciate all the time you have taken to answer our questions. Your after sales follow up has been terrific. Thank you for the wonderful service. I will definitely recommend DanceFeet to all my friends." - B. Lulla


"Recently, I travelled to Europe and decided to take my DanceFeet orthotics with me. I knew after long hours of walking I would be suffering. What a great way to test my new orthotics. I was happy that my arches didn't hurt, but I was surprised to discover that my lower back pain disappeared, too, after many hours of walking tours! What a big difference!

Thank you Susan and Glenn for this amazing product!" - J.L